Better Than Yesterday

Ipswich’s Premiere CrossFit Facility

Being better than yesterday – such a simple goal with so much power to change your life. And we’re going to help you achieve it. At CrossFit Western Front, we help regular people – mums and dads, retirees, busy professionals, and everyone in between – become the best version of themselves.

We offer the most professional fitness facility in the area. But we’re not stuffy – not by any means. You’ll feel welcome and encouraged from the minute you walk through our door. Our friendly members and enthusiastic coaches will make you feel right at home.

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before, don’t be intimidated. There is nothing – literally NOTHING – to be afraid of. CrossFit is totally doable for ANY body. Every workout is scaled to meet you where you are. We promise – it won’t be too tough for you, just tough enough to challenge you and get results.

You’ve survived 100% of the things life has thrown at you so far. You can survive this.

Ready. Set. GO!


CrossFit Western Front’s 5,360-square-foot facility has everything you need to become better than you were yesterday. Our open, spacious facility gives you plenty of room to stretch out and sweat without bumping into your neighbor or tripping over a weight rack. We’re well-stocked with top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment, so you never waste your workout time waiting on a machine or bar. After class, get ready to take on your day in our sparkling clean showers. Meticulously organized and incredibly welcoming, our gym was built to build you inside and out.

  • I can honestly say the best thing I did in 2015 was join Crossfit. I desperately needed a lifestyle change and to see the changes in my body over the last couple of months has been really amazing. When I joined in March I weighed 56kg. I’ve always been that skinny girl. Today I weigh in at 65 kg and I love my new baby muscles. I don’t have any ‘before’ photos to share with you all, and even if I did I would probably be too shy to share them. But just know that I feel strong and confident and most of all I feel so happy. I’m so thankful for the coaches. Each and every one of them are wonderful in their own…

    “Baby Muscles” Laurie Andrews

  • I went to my first class, what I saw was unbelievable. Happy groups of people talking to each other and encouraging one another to do one more rep. That was the moment I thought, "I can do this." Honestly, all you have to do is show up, and you will find your strength and you will be BADASS.

    Claudia White

  • I am in the best shape I have been in a long time and I owe it to CrossFit and CFWF. I still struggle to talk to my mates about CrossFit as they enjoy taking the piss out of me now that I have joined a so called "cult" but I have learnt that that’s okay because I’m doing this for me not them. Yes CrossFit has a lot of haters, yes CrossFit is expensive, yes CrossFit takes you out of your comfort zone and yes you are going to be fucking sore every day but for all the pain and jealousy from your mates it’s worth it over and over!! I’ve always pushed myself to be the best I can be in my professional…